Awakened at 6am trying to oversleep, the NY music blend Poetic Thrust just so happened to be the first vibration that blessed my ears. Awakened I drowned in puddles of a fiery galaxy that featured notorious sound changes. Familiar with Yoh the Shaolin and EnxVe the Nameless Vagrant as Moonspear and apart of the 99Sublime family, I get to see them match their raw poetry and vocals with amazing instrumentalist Zach Berns (Drums), Stu Pender (Guitar), Juno Arreglado (Keys and Bass), Nat Ranson (Trombone) and Jaedon Alvira (Saxophone). They will transform you. Make sure you connect with them below and catch them on Wednesday nights @ Loosie Rouge!


Btw: Congratssssssss. This is well deserved.



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