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This year’s Chreece was such an amazing experience. With the online controversy I wasn’t sure how the vibes were gonna go especially since there were two other concerts in town but as the night went on I found out that one got cancelled. The festival was filled with nothing but positivity, love, motivation and most importantly growth. It was super inspiring to meet the owner of Fake Shore Drive. Andrew Barber was a reminder that being a community is important and though it may not feel like that all the time in Indy – when we come together – we come together.

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Rhetoryk, Jeremiah Stokes, Jeron Braxton & Nagasaki Dirt:

Video by Zuri Ali

Rhetoryk performing at Square Cat Vinyl (Photo by Ambitious Cloud)

I opened this event running late. Having food prepared and getting day tipsy I found that I wasn’t in the mood to carry around food but, as I checked in I was greeted by familiar faces that I met last year as a volunteer and my energy skyrocketed. Just missing the amazing  Roj Mahal‘s performance I found myself running into a crowded Square Cat Vinyl somehow landing front row for the talented Rhetoryk. His story telling abilities took me into another mindset and it was hard to capture his performance on tape due to the packed capacity.

One thing I noticed about Chreece while doing graphic work and social media management was the fact that there wasn’t much time for set changes – let alone walking time from Hoosier Dome to the Square (lol). So if there issss a possible Chreece 4 can we get uber and lyft codes with possible rentals of some sort? (Bikes, golf carts, skates…?)

As I said in last year’s post it was a challenge but in the middle of meeting with friends I made it in time to catch Jeron Braxton and the Tomogatis kick ass on stage. Swaying my hips to the music I got lost in the time and prepared myself for the next few acts being – The PaigeGod, Nagasaki Dirt & Swan LAAK. Luckily all these acts were in one spot so I didn’t have to break my leg for anything. It seemed like the Hoosier Dome was the place to be last night until 10:30ish. You had some pretty progressive acts if you ask me. Nagasaki Dirt is completely slept on and The PaigeGod has bettered his quality and image as the years went on.
(P.s Sitwell is my favorite song and you should definitely perform it)

Swan LAAK performing in Hoosier Dome (Photo by Ambitious Cloud)

Swan LAAK:

Video by Zuri Ali

I’ve seen artist like Swan LAAK perform for the first time and his sound matched with the live band brightened the room. I’ve been studying his lyrical content and his past performances (Shoutout to Naptown Connections for giving footage on Swan’s last and first solo Chreece set). At that moment the Hoosier Dome didn’t even feel like the Hoosier Dome but a packed and large space such as the Old National Centre. You can watch his opening performance below. Though I didn’t get to stay long due to running to Jeremiah Stokes‘ performance you can tell the energy was pretty high and not worth missing.

Dośe, Mathaius Young & Drayco McCoy:

Video by Zuri Ali

Dośe, Pope Adrian Bless and I

I don’t think there’s anyone in Thunderbird that understood my excitement for Dośe performance  I took my time listening to his project BIRTH – analyzing his lyrical work alongside seeing what shows he was on. I’m excited that he’s finally getting the recognition and love he deserves. I knew it was there. Below you catch him fucking the city up alongside Mula Kkhan. We sounded like a badass choir.

I was also able to stay awake and on my feet for Mathaius Young‘s set. Front row of course. Take the Night Away is the perfect project in my opinion. Yes I understand the word perfect has a lot of meaning to it but let me tell you why. This project has an amazing beat selection alongside important lyrics. Simplicity was mastered on this project but his stories of growth, depression and thoughts are too relatable to pass up on.

I got to experience losing my glasses during Drayco McCoy‘s set but luckily I was able to get them back. I’m excited for his latest project. There has been nothing but growth and variety from Drayco as a producer and an artist.


Video by Tyler Hoyt

I was disappointed that I didn’t catch any lady performances especially Bates. So I’m hoping that I can make the trip to St. Louis to catch her on my own. FLACO was also on my must-see list however the venue was packed so I gave up and went to sell my food. However Tyler Hoyt did an amazing job showcasing FLACO’s performance for a promotional piece. The video below is Flaco’s opening performance – by the amazing Tyler Hoyt. Lastly the Tour From Nowhere  with Fat Tony starts the end of September with the  first stop in Nashville!

New Wave Collective & Trajik:

Video by Zuri Ali

Photo captured by Ambitious Cloud
Photo captured by Ambitious Cloud

I ended up making it to the last lap in which Trajik gave me a sense of home. I’m originally from Gary and his music reminded me of something that my dad and brother would play. I loveeee the jail suit (which he also wears in his video here) – the symbolism is so important to me. Unfortuantly I walked in on the end of New Wave Collective’s set so I recorded what I could.

Additional Photos:

Photos by All317HipHop – will be adding more footage



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