Lower Niger Valley

Includes: Yoruba and Esan in Nigeria and Yoruba in (Nigeria) Ibadan
Does not include: Mozabite in Algeria; Biaka (Pygmy) in Central African Republic; Egyptian in Egypt; Luo in Kenya; Ju hoan_North in Namibia; Mandenka in Senegal; Saharawi in (Morocco) Western Sahara; Luhya in (Kenya) Webuye and Mende in Sierra Leone

Senegal River Valley

Includes: Mandenka in Senegal and Gambian in Western Gambia
Does not include: Yoruba in Nigeria; Mende Sierra_Leone_MSL and Mende in Sierra Leone; Saharawi in (Morocco) Western Sahara; Surui in Brazil; Piapoco in Colombia and Icelandic in Iceland

East African

Includes: Bantu, Kikuyu, Luhya, Luo and Masai in (Webuye, Kinyawa and 4 other sites) Kenya; Datog in Tanzania and Luhya in (Kenya) Webuye
Does not include: Mbuti (Pygmy) in Congo; Egyptian in Egypt; Ju hoan_North in Namibia; Hadza in Tanzania; Saudi in Saudi Arabia; Yemen and Yemenite Jew in Yemen; Esan in Nigeria and Sri Lankan Tamil from Sri Lanka (expat in the UK)

Northwest European

Includes: Scottish Argyll_Bute_GBR and British in England; Icelandic in Iceland; Norwegian in Norway and Orcadian in Orkney Islands
Does not include: Saharawi in (Morocco) Western Sahara; Piapoco in Colombia; Estonian in Estonia; Basque/French and French in (South and 1 other site) France; Basque/Spanish and Iberian Population in Spain; Finnish in Finland and Gambian in Western Gambia

Indus Valley

Includes: Burusho, Pathan and Sindhi in Pakistan
Does not include: Tajik in (Pomiri) Tajikistan; Uzbek in Uzbekistan; Uygur and Xibo in China; Brahui, Hazara, Kalash and Makrani in Pakistan; Gujarati Indian from Gujarat (expat in Houston TX); Bengali in Bangladesh and Indian Telugu from Southern India (expat in the UK)

North Slavic

Includes: Belarusian in Belarus; Estonian in Estonia; Lithuanian in Lithuania; Mordovian and Russian in Russia and Ukrainian in (East) Ukraine
Does not include: Altaian, Kalmyk, Nganasan and Adygei in (Caucasus and 3 other sites) Russia; Turkmen in Uzbekistan; Albanian in Albania; Bulgarian in Bulgaria; Italian/Bergamo in (Bergamo) Italy; Norwegian in Norway; Ashkenazi Jew in Poland; Turkish in (Istanbul) Turkey; Finnish in Finland and Ashkenazi Jew from East Europe especially Lithuania (expat in Baltimore MD)


The ambiguous percentage of your Ancestry Report indicates a percentage of your DNA file that did not match with any of the sources in our reference panel. It is our hope that as our reference panel grows, there will be less possibility for ambiguous percentages.

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