By word of mouth I was recently introduced to Dośe‘ music. The first body of work that caught me immediately was the Stress video which was captured by All Gravy TV. The video somehow reminded me what it’s like to battle myself in society while still working on making it out. This project being fairly new surprised me and I couldn’t help but ask Dośe what was the tone of this project and to my surprise there wasn’t much structure intended for this project (see quote below from our brief conversation). What I appreciate about this project is the gems hidden under simplicity; even the hooks on Girl Next Door, Stress, and Play Money featuring additional vocals by Swan LAAK showcases Dośe’ talent as a songwriter and artist.

“The tone would be a hard one to describe in all honesty. The EP isn’t a project of cohesiveness it was to show the diversity in my music that I can do many things with my sound; now the songs on there are stories of truth but I didn’t plan it out as if I was making a album but if I had to say a tone it would have to be more dark toning it’s intimate but inadequate.” – Dośe

Noticing that the 6 track project turned into 7 tracks, I want to rewind to the original 6 intended. Disregarding the bonus chopped and screwed piece by Mac Exodus, the track titled Birth gave a kickass and smooth ending. Now that DANGEROUS has been added to the tracklist it’s hard to ignore the upbeat production by Tyjuan on The Beat and the urgent message icing the record. I personally give this project a good 8/10. I’m more than excited to hear his next project (Yes I know it’s soon) but to imagine a project with structure from him and a good smooth transition with instrumentals will be notorious! Make sure you follow Dośe below and catch him at Chreece

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Favorite Tracks:
01.  Play Money featuring Swan LAAK 
(I love the hook – It’s really catchy)
02. Stress
(This track reminds me that I’m not the only one dealing with life’s hardships and how stress can be a balance)
03. Birth featuring Bangers By One
(I’m in love with the structure and the vocals on here!!!)
04. Dangerous 
(The upbeat instrumental makes me want to jump out of my seat and fuck shit up)


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