Pat App

I appreciate Pat App for painting the image of a chill and carefree black boy while spitting effortlessly. His ability to keep his signature flow on top of various instruments speak to me. Pat App speaks from a level of consciousness and elevating in life, which I find completely motivating.


Drayco McCoy

Drayco McCoy has an amazing way of bringing expression to tracks in a short amount of time. What I get from his music is fearlessness. I can walk in the dark blasting his music, which I do, and leave feeling untouchable. I appreciate his blend of realness and lines that’ll leave you with “wtfs” plus it’s hard to miss his intoxicating good energy.



I’m excited to watch Flaco’s rise. He’s always been determine and gives the perfect blend of punk and rap with his notorious flow. You’re left with amazing visuals and relatable viewpoints while listening to his music. Flaco’s appreciation worldwide is way overdue. As a side note I completely respect his and Tyler Holt’s business relations. It’s always something different and as a videographer (not limited) I think that’s very important when working with artist.


Jeremiah Stokes

I understand some people may argue with me that there’s a lot that he needs to work on but I truly see Jeremiah Stokes as an artist who is constantly looking to improve and entertain. You’re left with a bounce and an expanded viewpoint. I completely respect his ability to slay ANY instrumental he is handed especially while freestyling. 


Mathaius Young

As said on multiple occasions, Mathaius Young is completely underrated by this city but appreciated and has footprints currently and awaiting in other locations. He has a distinct eye for perfection which contributes to his very minimalistic and good taste. P.s his latest project – Take the Night Away gets a solid 10/10 from me. This project was beautifully produced and has the perfect lyrics that are easy to chant.


Premium Blend

Seeing Premium Blend live was life changing. I got a front eye view of what it is to showcase hard work and successful collaborations. Their ability to adapt and swing is phenomenal. Listening to jazz is always a journey but I promise you – just close your eyes while hearing them and you’ll float through the cosmos.


Theon Lee

Theon Lee, crowned lyricist in this city has an undeniable personality especially as an observer. Playing behind the scenes he can see what needs perfecting and how other artist can be skillful. Theon is raw. Raw with the way he presents his words and stands by his opinions.


Pope Adrian Bless

Pope Adrian Bless is well respected for his rapid raps alongside his full and warm heart. My body shakes as I listen to his words – they carry me. Not only that – but as a performer you’re left jokes and what it’s like to really work hard while battling your demons.



Sirius Blvck

Sirius Blvck started as a student and learned to maneuver in different forms in the right situations. Performance wise his energy is sky high. I am grateful for his ability to format tracks and share his viewpoints. He’s smart, sharp and quick. All of his videos are A1 and I love how his music is completely honest. I could argue how he has the best chorus’. 

Clint Breeze

Recalling my first presentation of what Clint Breeze could bring alongside others is on levels further than respect. Hearing his production and his unique ear for creating is nothing far from amazing.


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