Keem the Cipher‘s work is never far from amazing. The Chattanooga artist gives us an opening that is a complete spiral of the feeling of being introduced to space and spinning into a galaxy of radiant colors and notes. You have to appreciate the short tracks that leave you wanting to rock your head, move your hips or even give a brief freestyle in your car. I can say Keem is set apart from many producers especially in this day in age where most [producers] will challenge trap, fast paced beat and popular type beats while Keem has stuck to a harmonious and soulful structure for quite some time. Timeless is almost the perfect word yet can be used as an understatement to describe his sound. Make sure you connect with him below and remember kids – contact his for beats – these are NOT to be recorded over.


[EVERMORE.] {BONDS.] & [3.AM] are my favorite gems.

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