What is Sweet Garbij?

Sweet Garbij  (sweet-garbage) symbolizes the hidden gems you may have missed or skipped through life. The good thing about gems is that they always land in the right moment as some type of sign. Currently Sweet Garbij is a platform for playlist from many talented artists and collaborated podcasts.

The playlist names fall under sigils. Sigils are normally symbols but we practice manifestion with our titles by removing the vowels and dedicating a playlist for ones journey. This month we share with you MNFST (for manifestion). The goal for this playlist is to ease your mind into a soothing yet soulful meditation for growth and prosperity. We hope to remind you to stay uplifted and to chase anything your heart desires.

Our site will be coming soon but in the meantime follow our playlist and us on social media with the buttons below! Have a fantastic month and manifest money, success, patience, love and so much more!

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