Hello Greatness:

I hope you’re doing well today. Make sure you take time to breath, think things through and water yourself. I think it’s needed to become your own best friend before you can be others. For many years I was the available friend listening to others problems, interest, and rambles before listening to my own. Being your own best friend isn’t easy though. Being your own best friend requires discipline and making sure you aren’t overthinking. It also requires letting go. If you hold on to small situations in which you were misunderstood or where others hold things against you – would you grow? I think the question itself is self explanatory.

Why ain’t I sorry sounds like such a stupid question however why should you be sorry for making time for yourself? I’m not purposely ignoring people but I find myself not setting into situations where I know I will be drained. I’m working on bettering and adding to my skill set so I can be versitile. Recently I find myself becoming drained with energies who only talk about creating but nor making the action to create. It’s like a wasted conversation. Imagine meeting up with someone with the expectations of putting thoughts to actions but it’s really just a talk and drinks. One important thing you can’t get back is time so make sure you use it wisely.

In conclusion I listed below on ways to be unapologetically yourself. How to kindly disregard others and grow into the person you hope you had a guide. I hope you enjoy the read and practice some of the things listed below!


How to Unapologetically Be Yourself

01. When people approach you with ideas tell them you’ll think them over without making an immediate decision.
Doing things allows yourself time to breath without attaching your worth to a shitty job.

02.  Make a public note that you are detoxing.
Detoxing could mean anything for certain people. It could mean staying offline or not answering messages but all in all if people understand what detox means it means improving your life.

03. Stay Offline
When there’s so much political things being posted and so many deaths online you must get away. You will drain yourself entirely trying to keep up with everything.

04. Say No
It seems so easy to make a post encouraging people to say no but by practicing the first step you understand how necessary it is to reject things that may not be your niche.


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