I couldn’t be more honored to share one of the most intellectual interviews I’ve ever done. As SUBLIMINALPLUS creates art for some of rap’s upcoming sounds he’s making a name for one of the internet’s biggest creative mysteries. I wanted to dig more into the young innovative’s mind but was blown away and wanted to sit on his current words. Feel free to follow him on twitter, pay him coins and keep look up for his website and latest work!


How long would you say you’ve been creating?

I’ve been creating since November 9th of 2015 but didn’t take it serious until mid February of 2016. I hope to maybe go into Videography soon.

Would you say you have an influence to what you create?
I get influenced by my friends and hard working people I look up to, for example a few names like COLORSBYNET and Stole Stojmenov. Their creativity and movement influences me to be productive more and become more “cool” in a sort. I also get influenced by chilled/emotional music, the type that makes me really want to be alone in my room at 2-4 am. The ‘creating hours‘.

A lot of artist have a go to playlist that they’ll create to. What would be your ideal playlist?

As of right now my playlist includes: Floyd, Skizzy Mars, Nav, 24hrs and Tunji Ige. Every week I try to change up my playlist but these are the essentials of when I am creating.


Most artist whether it be graphics, rapping or producing have a love from where they’re from what is it like for you in Michigan?

Well being from Michigan to be completely honest I hate it. It isn’t for me. Everything is boring and bland and nothing really happens here. The weather is always way too ridiculous and I just don’t plan on living here until I’m 80, hell, 20. I plan on moving to a place in New York with some of my friends so currently as we speak, I’m investing in that.

Words of Wisdom:

Here’s advice to every creative. Stop doing free work, no matter how much “popularity” the client has, it’s better to charge and get paid by someone with 1,000 followers than do free work for someone who has a blue check mark and 20,000 followers. There always that off chance that they will not use your work so you’re left there bummed out. As far as I go, this unfortunately has happened to me an abundant amount of times. It takes me all of my mental stability and emotion for even one piece and for someone to ask for “free” work is perplexing to me. Don’t fall for it. Get your money.

Looking on the outside definitely gives another perspective. What would you say many people overlook from a graphic artist’s point of view?

People fail to notice that crediting a graphic artist is everything to them. You see tweets or blogs about songs and them crediting the Producers and background vocalists and Mixers and Masters along with the predominant Artist(s) but rarely do you ever see the names of the Creative on the artwork. If the person writing the blog or constructing the tweet is able to find who mixed and mastered the song then it should take no effort to find who created the artwork and credit them for it. Even the Musicians themselves fail to credit us, like if you paid for our artwork you might as well tag us or something. It’s crazy.


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