One of Indy’s most controversial lists dropped at 11:54pm last night in the new 416 E Wabash recording studio / event space. As the instrumental to Knuck If You Buck played to heighten the moment, the room was filled with introverts and many creatives just waiting and itching to hear the list on who made the cut. Once the list dropped I felt a weight lifted and let out a yassss seeing a few recognizable artist. Though the list is still building I see potential and I can’t help but cheer for those who deserved their own platform. It was hard to make out a few names but I listed what I could and there is additional footage of Drayco McCoy performing!

If you aren’t familiar with Chreece it’s easy to say that you’ve been sleep and need to catch up however, this is the last year the festival will take its run and the torch will be passed (maybe). I’m secretly hoping the one to pick up that torch and light it is Sirius Blvck but only time, money and dedication could tell.

Chreece is a Hip Hop festival founded by the amazingly ambitious Oreo Jones, dedicated to local music artists and sometimes feature people from outside the state. The festival is located in Fountain Square. This year’s line up has a few diverse acts and there will be plenty more to soon be added!

Did you make the cut?
Make sure you RSVP if you plan on going to Chreece!

Strong Roots Diop PaigeGod Dose

Trajik Drayco McCoy Maxie Poindexter

Sin x Fire Flaco Jeron Braxton Parris Ladame

SiSi Dior Heyzeus  Dottie Staxx  Roj Mahal

Willis Stout Mouf Jeremiah Stokes Cas One Knot Brothers

Cut Camp Taya Jae Ejaaz Ghost Gun Summer

Mula Kkhan Nathan Arizona Double A Kitti Red Clint Breeze & The Groove

Blood Handsome Allison Victoria  Rambo Hustle 

Ya Homegirl Bates Grxzz Mathaius Young Nagasaki Dirt

Pope Adrian Bless Rhetoryk 



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