01. I love you you gorgeous individuals I pray you find peace within your days I know all the hatred towards you can steer your feelings wrong but you are beautiful just the way you are love you for you yo nappy ass head is what makes you you all them hot combs yo mama used tryna get yo hair right and them braids that hurt but you was fine cuz you looked cute afterwards. You are all queens and I pray one day you’ll see it
So in the words of Tupac Shakur
“Long live the rose that grew from concrete
when no one else even cared!” – EasyMoney Havin

02. Those of us that aren’t out here thugging, it doesn’t make us softies or make us any less compassionate or protective. It doesn’t make us white boys either. –  Clarence John Allen Jones II

03. We love them. We do not take them for granted. Without them, we are nothing. There are many of us who do not fit the typical “black guy” stereotype. It’s ok to stay guarded, but try not to box us all in. Give us a chance. – Ty Love

04. I love them regardless of their faults and the struggles they deal with on a daily. – Stanley Rodgers Jr.

05. Don’t dismiss me because of my ‘suburban’ demeanor. – Mac Exodus

06. We love you. Quit focusing on the black men who don’t do it right and pay more attention to the ones who are doing it right – Darion Alexander

07. That they are not just a fetish. – Jonathan Williams

08. They are valued, loved, cherished and should be loved by only truly deserving of their grace. – Nu Perry

09. We cant buss a nut and keep going with the same intensity like you can. Please let us rest. – Boogie Bang

10. That they are the foundation of women everywhere and for that they should feel empowered and proud. – Jonathan Williams

11. We love you more than we know how to show. We’re more emotional than we let on. And our greatest fear is your disappointment. – Dominic Dorsey

12. I love you beyond this universe! – Daniel Matthew Owens

13. Dear dark skinned girl, You were created in an abundance of Melanin. Degrading your self for that is just foolish and sad. Melanin is a blessing. Melanin I’d a gift. Melanin is powerful. I know its hard to consider your self as beautiful, when all TV and media says makes black look bad. Your skin absorbs sunlight then release it as a glow on ur body that shines as if u are a spotlight. Your black is beautiful, it doesn’t matter the shade. Don’t ever try to bleach ur skin. It is messing with perfection. You are a sun kissed, Chocolate dipped, Oreo cookie, Melanin equip gorgeous woman. Yours Black brother – Jesse Nation

14. That we love you – Isaiah Payton

15. Don’t count us out because we may not move like others move or do things how others do. – Unequa Ganodu

16. I love y’all – Omar Jones

17. DON’T give up on ya bruthaz. Just take us off your hands/Let us go when need be. We’ll learn some way or another. Just don’t “give up” on us. – Unequa Ganodu

18. Mother is the name of Gxd in the heart’s and mind’s of all children..

I respect you and I’ll protect you – Joshua Swan

19. “I’m so f*cking sick and tired of the photoshop/Show me something natural like ass with some stretch marks” – Kendrick – Quoted by D Zolomon Rex

20. Stop demonizing Gay Black men, and yet wanting them around for a kee kee. We are just as strong and powerful as the man you idealize. Our sexual preference has nothing to do with your worth! Let your sons be free to be who they are as they grow up. – Paul-DeAngelo Best

21. I wouldn’t be sitting here with breath in my lungs without the strength you exhibited in looking after my formation, and I can never lose appreciation for that. You are the spiritual backbone to my culture, and you will always be loved. – Joe Brewer

22. Love The Brutha for who he truly iz and NOT because of the material thingz he can give. We need pure, real, unadulterated, sincere, authentic, nutritious, original, organic, untainted, genuine LOVE and you NEED the same. – Unequa Ganodu

23. What’z for you iz 4 you. Don’t look over your wants and needz and don’t apologize for them either. Some of your wants “maybe” needs. – Unequa Ganodu


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