A common question I get is how did get my dna test. I should and will actually make a blog post in case others don’t see this post but there are 3 main dna test I recommend starting with.

BEFORE DNA OR EVEN WHILE YOUR WAITING FOR RESULTS I RECOMMEND TO PLEASEEEE START A FAMILY TREE. You only know your family surnames but trust me you have over 1000 ancestors so the surnames are endless.

DNA test & prices:

01. Ancestry:

They have a sale going on for $$88.95 (This includes shipping)

02. 23andme:

is $99 or $199 if you want your health info included. (Women they will give you you’re haplogroup for your maternal side and if you want your haplogroup for your dad’s you’ll need a man from that side to take it)

03. Family Tree DNA:

They have multiple test but the Family Finder is $69.99 currently. If you want your haplogroup it’s $199 for your mtDNA or $139 for your Y-DNA.

What is a haplogroup?

In short – it is basically letters and numbers that you receive and share through a common ancestor with others.

What can I do with my dna to get more results?:

Feel free to check out my blog post here.

Will you get a tribe?

With these dna test you will not HOWEVER you can upload your dna to gedmatch and find out info. You could also take AfricanAncestry.com but I recommend doing one of the test above because your maternal or paternal great great great (and so on) ancestor may not be African. Keep in mind that just because one of the two aren’t that doesn’t mean you are less African than others.

(I took the ancestry dna test and uploaded my results to family tree dna. To access the family finder on family tree dna I would have to pay $19.)


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