Some names aren’t mentioned to maintain privacy.

My Home Life

Growing up I wasn’t as close to my father nor his family but once I took my ancestry test and started building my family tree I found us becoming closer. My father didn’t get to meet his father since he passed away at a young age however I didn’t know he knew the name of his father. Nobody could know how important this is. I say this because during my pregnancy my dad Matte suggested that I named my son Matthew but this was after the fact I already had a name picked up for my little king, I went with the name Egypt. My father was born in Chicago but as time moved on he would relocate inbetween Indianapolis IN and Minneapolis MN. He grew up with a large family which I would consider prettyyyy diverse and with different fathers so you only imagine how big the unknown is.

My dad is on the bottom left and my grandmother Mary is in the top right corner

The History

My grandmother Mary Noah was born in 1949 in Arkansas but relocated to Chicago around the 1960’s in which she birthed 8 children. Around the 1960’s she had met Matthew Killingsworth who was born in Mississippi and married; he had 6 kids – 7 making my father from my grandmother. I didn’t get to meet my grandparents but my grandmother died from Liver disease at Indiana University Hospital.

Receiving the Results

On Jan 28 of this year I would consider myself receiving life changing results. I began to search through my results and was shocked to see second cousins pop up. I was super confused to see two matches as second cousins with the surname Killingsworth. It wasn’t until then I asked my dad did he know he’s father’s name and he reveled the information. Basically my dad was named after his father Matthew and I was named after my father. (Matthew – Matte’ – Maxcine) Knowing that information was emotional. Imagine going over 40 years with brothers and sisters STILL living and them having kids. I couldn’t imagine that pain and excitement.

My next step was messaging my results but as you know – some people don’t reply to messages on ancestry so I went to Facebook. The first person I reached to was a woman older than me but had knowledge of gold. She was pretty much their family historian and one of her messages confirmed everything to me before we started trading pictures and started seeing similarities. The more we started talking we discovered that they both lived in the SAME state! How insane is that? Below are pictures of my grandfather, my dad and his brother.

I actually plan on getting my dad an ancestry test this year to sort of my dna results and to understand what I got from who.

Top: My grandfather Matthew Killingsworth and his wife Alma / Left: My dad / Right: My uncle Mike
My reddish brownish hair

“My Granny said my grand dad had gotten a woman pregnant in Chicago and I believe she described the woman as having red hair color black and had a few other children that was not my grand dad children; that he had this woman pregnant and told my granny he will leave her to be with the red head sista.”

Unwrapping Similarities

This statement alone was confirmation. I never understood why my hair was a reddish tint until talking to my family and looking at old pictures. The more I discovered the Killingsworth family I found more and more similarities. Below is a collage picture which features me, my great x3 grandmother and fallen uncles from that side.



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