When it comes to DNA testing there’s a lot of controversy. You either hear that the test is fake, it doesn’t show your Native American ancestry or that us African American’s shouldn’t have to pay for the test. Whether I agree or disagree with the last statement is another topic but when I took my test it broke down my results and 84% of that was African. My top results from my African heritage is listed as the following:

Benin / Togo – 30%
Cameroon / Congo – 26%
Senegal – 17%
Ivory Coast / Ghana – 7%
I was in complete shock and that was more so because I actually felt connected to Benin’s rich history but even more shock that I had Cameroon as such a high match. That was totally unexpected but also ironic since I was listening to Cameroonian artists during my research. As time grew I started connecting with family members and even possible family members from another branch of my great x3 grandmother who haven’t even taken the DNA test. While comparing the matches to my maternal side I continued to see that Cameroon was in their top matches. 

Even though a lot of my matches had “Cameroon / Congo” listed high I was still skeptical. If you’ve taken the Ancestry DNA test or did your research you’ll notice that if you click on any of the percentages it’ll give you a brief introduction into their history HOWEVER it also lists what the surrounding areas could be. For example with Cameroon / Congo listed it said:
Primarily located in: Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Republic of Congo
Also found in: Angola, Chad
So at this point I could be from anywhere. How did I come to that conclusion? Well imagine all your percentages saying a primarily located and also founded in.. you’re pretty much covering all of Africa and back to the stage of “Who am I and where am I from?” Journey

So tax time came around and ya girl had coins and wanted to get her test done with I watched over 20 different videos of people being so excited and emotional finding their lineage but also people making videos saying it’s a hoax if their results didn’t come back from Africa.Which is insane but when you research about haplogroups and your family tree you may find out your great grandparent x6 was actually Native American or European and I was so nervous for that outcome. I uploaded my results to a Chinese DNA data base (WeGene) and it gave me a possible hapologroup with my results and it was an Asian group (Native American’s dated back to Asia from what I was told) . I honestly didn’t know how I was gonna react yet alone know if this was relevant so I continued with my AfricanAncestry test despite what WeGene gave me.

The journey to taking my AfricanAncestry test was no walk in the park for me – at first that it. I began with getting my kit and noticed a missing envelope and contacted them immediately. I got the envelope in about three days but it was still a pain because I had did the mouth swabs. But guess what? That wasn’t it. One morning I was using my lovely Tevanna tea maker and while walking away my son spilled tea on my DNA and I was in complete tears! I paid $250 for this test!! So I tweeted them and emailed them and was so nervous for a rude “NO YOU SHOULD’VE BEEN MORE RESPONSIBLE. NO WE WON’T GIVE YOU A NEW TEST.” But to my surprise I got a lovely email saying they would send another test out (basically another envelope and mouth swabs) and right then and there I knew that this was a good company. I had to wait longer but when it finally got to me and I sent it out I felt soooo much better and made sure to be more careful setting things on the table around a 2 year old.

Results Results Results

So the time came. I FINALLY got my results and almost cried. “African Ancestry certified that Maxcine Noah shares maternal genetic ancestry with Tikar People Living in Cameroon” was a statement worth dropping on the floor for.

01. I finally had a sense of identity and where my mothers, mothers, mothers, mother was finally from.
02. Cameroon is such a place with rich history and the Tikar tribe being the warriors they are set my pride high.
03. All the research I did staying up at 3am looking at death certificates and seeing that my moms side was basically all black (even on my mom’s dad’s side) paid off.
04. WeGene was wrongggg and my Haplogroup is L3b1 and that they were 99.7% confident in my results.
05. Oh also – the fact that my ancestors are blackity, black, black, black.

Also a bonus fuck yes is knowing that Erykah Badu, Flying Lotus, Don Cheadle, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and Anthony Anderson lineage is Cameroonian!


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